Highclere Castle, Inspired by History

Highclere Castle, Inspired by history If you’re fan of the cigar industry like myself, you find yourself reading into the story behind the stick. The Highclere Castle is no exception. The cigar is inspired by the earlier Earls of Carnarvon to Highclere Castle at the turn of the 19th century. I can’t wait to dive […]

The Wise Man Maduro…

The Wise Man Maduro, Wiser and Darker… This is an exciting day! I’ve been looking forward to this one since the announcement. I’ve walked into Ford on Fifth for weeks hoping to see that red band staring me in the face and finally the day has come. Without hesitation I grab the Churchill Wise Man […]

Cubo Claro, Wake Up and Enjoy

Cubo Claro, Wake Up and Enjoy My first take on the Cubo Claro is, that it looks like any other Connecticut. I don’t mean that in a bad way, more like a, “here goes another light morning cigar” type way. I find myself trying to clear my mind, because most of the Connecticuts I’ve smoked […]

Cubo, Anything but Square

Cubo, Anything but Square At first glance, or should I say at first sniff, I’m eager to get this thing lit. The rich, dark Mexican San Andreas wrapper gives that appeal that has you salivating and reaching for the lighter. Interesting to note, before lighting I got a hint of sweet off the tip which […]

La Madrina, The Godmother

La Madrina, The Godmother At first grab, your eyes are drawn to the band. As a fan of tattoos, I appreciate the artwork here. Creativity of bands almost seems like a declining art. The smooth chocolate colored wrapper’s appearance is toothy and veiny. At first light, I get a woody chocolate feel with a faint taste […]

5 New Cigars YOU need to try RIGHT NOW!

We just got in some AMAZING cigars from the trade show and we know that you will LOVE them. Anthony and Melanie made a fun video explaining some of the new cigars coming to Ford on Fifth and we promise you that you will not want to miss out on the flavor country that is […]

What to Know About Our Website

What to Know About Our Website: When you are shopping for cigars online with Ford on Fifth Cigars, there are a few things you need to know that will help you save money! Every single time you spend more than $75 in the US (not including Hawaii and Alaska), you will get free shipping. Sampler packs: […]

Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust Umbagog Arriving 3/20/17

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So we are launching our site and working hard on getting all the items loaded into our system. One thing for sure is we have Steve Saka’s latest stick Umbagog loaded and ready to rock! According to our tracking the cigars should be touching base tomorrow and are ready for pre-sale. We are setting aside […]