Highclere Castle, Inspired by History

Highclere Castle, Inspired by history

If you’re fan of the cigar industry like myself, you find yourself reading into the story behind the stick. The Highclere Castle is no exception. The cigar is inspired by the earlier Earls of Carnarvon to Highclere Castle at the turn of the 19th century. I can’t wait to dive into this beauty. The wrapper is a rich butterscotch color with light veins throughout. The cold draw is rich in cedar flavors. Diving into the first light, the flavor profile is smooth as opposed to the more than usual bitterness off the foot. The starting third is rich and butter smooth with cedar, leather and a hint of black pepper. The retrohale is just as enjoyable with a faint sweetness in the background. Rolling into the midsection, the Highclere Castle builds into a beautiful composition of flavors that include cedar, cream, honey, nutmeg and just enough pepper to keep your illustrious ride into the 19th century a memorable one. As I turn the corner into the final third, I find myself hoping this ride doesn’t end. It’s been quite a few years since I have enjoyed a Connecticut as much as I do the Highclere Castle. The end of this cigar is just as good as the beginning with some lemon citrus peeking in the background. The Highclere Castle smoked as a strong medium, the burn was perfect and at one point I had a snow white 3 inch ash that was even on all sides. I’d call this an All Day stick, meaning at any point of the day you could enjoy this smoke. Whether it’s the start of your morning, the end of your day or the calm in between the storms of powerhouse sticks, the Highclere Castle is a must have for all cigar smokers. Don’t grab just one, grab them by the handful because this my friends is a classic…….

– David Harvey

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