5 New Cigars YOU need to try RIGHT NOW!

We just got in some AMAZING cigars from the trade show and we know that you will LOVE them.

Anthony and Melanie made a fun video explaining some of the new cigars coming to Ford on Fifth and we promise you that you will not want to miss out on the flavor country that is happening right now.

We couldn’t stop talking about how great these cigars were after the show! So Melanie decided to make a sampler pack to get you all excited about the amazing cigars that are coming to Ford on Fifth. Mel also included the Tatuaje Negociant Monopole because it is new to our shop and she is just swooning over the Negociant (so nab those up before Melanie smokes them all).

Try the new cigars now!

What does the pack include?

1 x Kelner Boutique Factory LE

1 x Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel-Aged Robusto

1 x HVC Cerro Maduro Toro (Free Stick)

1 x San Isidro Hermoso

1 x Tatuaje Negociant Monopole No. 1



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