Serino Royale Medino…

Serino Royal Medio

I’m excited to smoke through this next series. Our friends at Serino cigar company has put together what looks to be a great line up of cigars. Today I will be smoking the Serino Royal Medio. The Medio is one of four blends in the Serino Royal line up. I chose to start in the middle of the line because I did not want the “build up” going from Connecticut to the Maduro XX. I wanted to give each it’s fair shake and not profile each stick to it’s sibling. For starters, the appearance is a mild brown Ecuadorian Habano Claro Wrapper, moderately veiny throughout topped off with a classy band. The cold draw is a pleasant combination of cedar and mild sweetness. Upon first light, the sweet cedar holds true in the flavor profile along with subtle leather and earthy flavors. Deeper into the first third, a good amount of pepper is introduced on the palate and in the retrohale. As I head into the midsection, the flavor is smooth and consistent and a brush of cinnamon slowly creeps in. The burn is fantastic and the flavor profile stays consistent, which in this case is a good thing. Too often as I smoke through cigars the flavor changes for the worse, but not here. The only changes is the back and forth between cedar and the leather flavor being the dominating flavor. As I smoke down into the final third, the sweetness slows down and a taste of toasted nuts come into play. The conclusion of this cigar is good with very little bitterness at the end. The Serino Royal Medio smokes at a solid medium from start to finish. The burn was pretty consistent, with no relights and very few touch ups. I’d recommend this cigar for those one a day or occasional smokers. The cigar offers a good group of flavors and is a good go to stick for those who are looking fill the medium gap in their humidor. Enjoy the Goodlife ….

– David Harvey

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    Caleb Kelsey says:

    Hey, it’s your FAVORITE ceegar smoker, your pal, ol’ Kenny Rivers! Kenny sure would like to smoke this ceegar and would surely give FOF a huge shoutout on my YouTube channel. If you’d like to send me some free samples to review, please PM me on reddit. My user name is u/PreSchoolGGW.

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