Guardian of the Farm, Protect the Good Stuff

Guardian of the Farm, Protect the good stuff

Dedication time! Now hold on, this isn’t your normal dedication for past Kings or Queens or family heritage, this one is for those who protect the good stuff. The story is this one is for the dogs who protect the Aganorsa farms and TABSA factory in Nicaragua. Well enough about that, let’s get this party started. First off, let’s give some love for the band that displays a shiny Bulldog. I’d like to think it resembles the little soldiers who protected the the leaves. Anyway, the Guardian of the Farm has a good looking Carmel colored Corojo Wrapper with a few veins throughout with a mostly closed foot. The dry draw is earthy and woody with a hint of sweetness. First impression off the foot is cedar, spice and a bit of sweet citrus. Moving through the first third, I’m getting a healthy dose of blended pepper followed by some cedar, sweet cedar and the taste of sunflower seeds. The retrohale is a good mix of black pepper and lightly sweet lemon peels. Sliding into the mid section, the earthiness dies down and pushes the pepper and cedar into the forefront. In the final third, the spice tapers off and leaves behind a taste of light cream, cedar and bitter citrus. Down to the last puff the stick finishes well with just a light trail of bitterness. The Guardian of the Farm smokes at a strong medium, the burn was solid with just a few minor touches. All said and done, the Guardian of the Farm fairs high on my cost to flavor ratio. Not often do you get a solid stick with great flavor at this price point from a stellar “boutique”. The Guardian of the Farm is a good everyday smoke. Get these in bulk, as you will find yourself grabbing one on the go, on the run and on the course (golf course that is). Smoke em if you got em, buy some if you don’t….

– David Harvey

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